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Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts Latest activity. Log in Register. Search titles only. Log in. Close Menu. Welcome to our community Be a part of something great, today! Register Log in. Jan 31, 1, I am 52 years old and will be 53 next month. I got divorced 23801 dating fat women long time ago. I have not dated since my divorce. Last week, I felt a need to ask a female at the job for her name. Although she hesitated for a few seconds, she gave me her name. I thought that maybe, since we have been civilized to each other, that this could lead to something good.

I like math but also miss dating and companioship. To make a long story short, this woman not only told her manager about me asking for her name, the lady's manager told my boss. I was warned not to be amiable with females at the job.

Personally, I see nothing wrong with asking someone for his or her name but I guess it is a big deal in today's over sensitive society. I will not talk to females at the job. Maybe 52 about to be 53 is too old for dating. I better stick to math because at least the subject will not reject my approach.

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It surely feels very bad to get rejected. Perhaps, I am unlovable and too much of a mathnerd to be taken seriously by women. After all, women dislike math guys or so I've been told. What is your view? Was it wrong to ask this female for her name? Thanks for reading. Jul 18, Re: Rejected Again I find it very hard to believe you got reported for just asking her name - perhaps it's the manner in which you did?

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It's completely normal to socialize with fellow co-workers. I don't think this has anything to do with math or society. Jameson Administrator Staff member. Jan 26, 4, I think you have a lot to say and it would be good to focus that energy in one place so I've renamed this thread to be yours. Please post your thoughts and questions here as an ongoing discussion.

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It is hard to follow a lot of new thre. Good luck! Re: Rejected Again Rido12 said:. I find it very hard to believe you got reported for just asking her name - perhaps it's the manner in which you did?

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Jan 27, We live in an age of outrage. So many have been taught to be so offended by so little. Small wonder anyone can function socially. You are not alone in your feelings of isolation. It is a disease that is growing in our society. The cure might be a few lessons in logic and rationality. That seems to be some of what you are pursuing.

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Wilmer In Memoriam. Mar 19, I don't have that problem: all the dancers love me at the local Playmate Gentlemen's Club! Wilmer said:. MountEvariste Well-known member.

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Jun 29, I do not think this is a funny issue. You have no idea what I am going through in life. If you have the ability to easily pick up females, more power to you but not so easy for some guys. June29 said:. I think that was a joke. Gentleman's club means a strip club, hence they would naturally act friendly to him because he's a paying customer.

How exactly did the conversation with the said woman go? Also, I'm guessing you asked your boss what he was told you did - what did he say? You must log in or register to reply here. Share: Facebook Twitter Link.

23801 dating fat women

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