Are you long term girlfriend materal

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While the rest of my friends were dating when I was younger, I was single, something that made me despair even though in those day dating just meant, like, messaging each other on AIM and maybe going on a group date or two. I vividly remember being at a sleepover and bemoaning my solo state when one of the girls present said, "Let's face it, Becca, you just aren't girlfriend material.

Little Becca was shocked and floored, but also baffled, because understanding how to be a good girlfriend couldn't be that hard, right? What the heck did it mean to be girlfriend material and how was it so obvious that I wasn't? At 34, I have only a moderately better understanding of what makes a woman girlfriend material versus friend or friend with benefits material.

To my way of thinking, a woman is an ideal girlfriend if she is smart but not intimidating, kind and thoughtful, and clearly great in bed. But that's just one woman's opinion of what it means to be girlfriend material, because when you consider what men think, you might be surprised. If you're single and you're worried that you aren't being viewed as girlfriend material, it can be tempting to try and change yourself so that you are.

Do not do this. What seems less than ideal about one woman in a man's eyes can make her a queen in another's. Still, if you're curious about what makes a woman girlfriend material and how to be a good girlfriend, according to men, you're in luck because the men of the AskMen forum are at it again, sharing their thoughts, good and bad, about what it takes for a woman to be considered "girlfriend material. This is all stuff that shows they care.

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Now, it's cooking, kindness, good looks and general chill-ness. Luckily, I've been with the same people for a long time and really don't worry about dating anymore.

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It's pretty exhausting and I'm mostly focused on improving myself and my family lately. With a healthy sense of humor. Not seriously over-weight, and enjoys regular sex. Are we having fun just sitting and talking? My thinking is that this is what we are going to be doing most of the time, so we better have fun doing it. If that is going well, I can overlook a lot of things. There must be a baseline attraction, though. And long-term aspects, like if she is strong.

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Having similar music tastes is a bigger deal to me than for most people, partially because of my passion for live music. Not narcissistic. Calmness, politeness, rationality. Compassion and kindness. Little to no sexual guilt and a love of trying new sexual things.

Lack of drama and manipulation. Understanding that I need a certain amount of alone time. Responsible for her own finances, shares the cost of dating, and so on. And how can I forget: she must know who Ginuwine is!

Someone who puts in percent effort, is open-minded, and has goals of her own. Someone who is willing to take thing slow and be her own person. Good smiles are a must. I might not even like what she cooks, but knowing her way around the kitchen is sexy. Not trying to sound sexist, but a lot of women in my area can't even boil ramen noodles in the microwave. in. YourTango Experts. Photo: getty. Rebecca Jane Stokes. Subscribe to our newsletter. now for YourTango's trending articlestop expert advice and personal horoscopes delivered straight to your inbox each morning.

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Are you long term girlfriend materal

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15 Men Describe What Makes A Woman Girlfriend Material