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In their book The Companion to Southern LiteratureJoseph Flora and Lucinda MacKethan describe the Southern lady and the younger Southern belle, social types that exuded the traditional characteristics to which many white Southerners expected girls to aspire for much of the twentieth ce.

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Students explore how race, class, and gender create the moral universe that the characters inhabit in To Kill a Mockingbird. Nigerian writer Chimamanda Adichie challenges us to consider the power of stories to influence identity, shape stereotypes, and build paths to empathy Spanish available. Teaching Mockingbird. Add or Edit Playlist. Rednecks are not necessarily poor and not necessarily farmers, although rednecks can certainly be each of these things. What differentiates rednecks from poor whites is the perception of rednecks as racist, hot-headed, too physical, violent, uncouth, loud, mean, undereducated—and proud of it.

The stereotypes follow: Rednecks do not adopt politically correct speech and are proud to be brutally honest about their feelings about nonwhites. Rednecks like to fight to solve their problems, preferring to beat someone at a street dance than to talk about the problem and solve it diplomatically. Rednecks come to the dinner table barefooted not because they have no shoes, but to specifically sneer at rules. Redneck women smoke cigarettes, chew gum, and wear curlers and put on makeup in public.

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The redneck rebels against education and against standard English, refusing to speak as others would have him or her speak. Rednecks hunt proudly, take baths only occasionally, and work on old cars in their front yard.

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Rednecks are characterized by excess; they eat too much, drink too much, smoke too much, play too hard, and live too hard. Flora and Lucinda H. MacKethan, eds. Related Content. Download Free Sample.

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Farmer redneck looking for

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The Redneck Stereotype