Frustrated and just wanna snuggle at night

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If you want to know whether or not your partner is "The One," your bedtime habits as a couple can clue you in.

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According to experts, successful long-term couples have similar habits before going to bed. Although you may not realize it, the simple and sweet things you do with your partner before bed can help strengthen your relationshipwhether you live together, or are just spending the night together.

Life can get super demanding sometimes. We all have commitments to work, family, friends, our health, and our relationship. Sometimes, those commitments outside of your relationship can have a way of putting your relationship on the backburner. This can take a real toll on a relationship. That's why it's important for couples to intentionally build new bedtime routines and rituals, especially if they live together and are often neglecting each other before bed.

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I know that's how I want to enter dreamland at night. How can you tell if your bedtime habits are strengthening your relationship? According to experts, if you and your partner do the following things before bed, they just might be "The One. But as Sassoon says, it's definitely one to follow. If that's something you and your partner consciously do, they might be "The One. You don't need science to tell you that phone snubbing "phubbing" — or ignoring someone in favor of being on your phone — won't do your relationship any good. So if you and your partner make it a point to keep phones, computers, and the TV off right before bed, they might be "The One.

If you're with "The One," kissing each other before going to sleep should be part of your nightly routine.

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It's just as important to say goodnight as well. Thinking of new ways to verbally communicate your love and gratitude for them can keep it fresh. So if you and your partner like to snuggle, they might be "The One. According to Ziegler, physical touch is one of the many things that can lack in a relationship. Successful couples know to not have relationship talks right before bed, d psychotherapist, Michele M.

Paivatells Bustle.

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As she says, relationship talks rarely work before going to sleep, "as they are often just accusations and hurt laced with caring. Not conflict.

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It may seem obvious, but it's still important to point out. If you're partner is "The One," they'll make a point to be in bed with you when it's time to sleep. Couples who can go to bed together and don't might experience a breakdown in connection, and possibly even trust, Paiva says. Of course, if you and your partner have different schedules, this may not be a possibility, and that's completely OK.

But if you are both home at the same time, make an effort to have the same bedtime. According to Paiva, if partners continue to go to bed without each other for long enough, they may start noticing that they get "used" to not being in bed together. As a result, a couple may also get "used" to this disconnection being the norm.

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If you and your partner make it a point to maintain eye contact when you're chatting right before you sleep, they might be the one for you. That's because close eye contact when slowing down your day and going to bed is great for bonding. As you can see, your bedtime ritual as a couple doesn't have to be complicated. Couples who've found "The One" in each other know strengthening your bond can be as easy as a goodnight kiss.

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By Kristine Fellizar.

Frustrated and just wanna snuggle at night

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If You And Your Partner Have These 7 Habits Before Bed, They’re “The One”