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He does remember talking to Bausch about fields of remembered flowers--Pabst reminiscing about tulip fields he saw in Holland; Bausch about blossoms on South American travels. But pink carnations? Another thing he does remember: waking up in a sweat at 5 a.

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He found an artificial flower-maker in Bangkok who was able to manufacture the flowers for the right price and deliver them by the deadline. But Pabst says that some 20 years of dreaming up sets for the celebrated choreographer have done nothing to illuminate the mysterious process of how the ideas are born.

Since then, Pabst and Bausch have combined forces on 10 more works. When Pina starts rehearsal, it literally starts from the point zero. And much attention. He is careful to point out that his des are deeply linked to specific elements of choreography. This is up to dancers, to actors, to Pina.

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The piece of art is [the] performance. So I [de] only in connection to things that happen. After Bausch observes, collects and sifts bits of movement, says Pabst, discussions begin. She would tell me something that goes through her mind, I would tell her.

We look at books, photos. This is not very concrete. It was in his work with Zadek that he first learned to push his creative limits. When we came out, one thing was clear: that we would never do it like we have discussed. Then we started rehearsal periods like an adventurous journey, with all the fantasies of the actors included. So I learned very much about not knowing what will be at the end.

This opens up the mind. These unusual solutions often take great logistical efforts to succeed.

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So the field of flowers which is in a state of innocent and immaculate beauty will then be destroyed. He says that as his des evolve the dancers have to be extremely flexible, often having to adjust weeks of rehearsal on one surface to another on a whim. And this combined with [a deadline] is something very difficult. And this does not change by experience, it does not change with success or whatever. It does not change. All Sections. About Us. B2B Publishing. Business Visionaries. Hot Property.

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