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With a population approaching 1. Its pollution challenges match its size. While recent initiatives have somewhat reduced airborne particulates, China still bears the highest cost for fossil-fuel-related pollution, as a percentage of GDP, of any country. Nearly a million deaths in were attributable to fine-particle pollution.

According to the State of Global Air Report, the entire population of China lives in areas that that fail to meet World Health Organization air quality guidelines.

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These statistics, while sobering, pale in comparison to the human costs. The seriousness of the problem became evident when she left to attend college in the United States. Before I left for the U. Every two weeks I had to go to a clinic to drain the pressure. I had a whole bag of medicine when I landed in the States. Working with the U. For large energy consumers, EQuota gathers data from existing monitoring systems such as smart meters, then uses AI methods to analyze energy use patterns and identify opportunities to increase efficiency.

Customers can interact with the data and extract insights using an online dashboard. The company serves every point along the energy supply chain. For utility grid customers, EQuota focuses on safety by predicting when equipment might fail, as well as on energy transmission and load management.

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For power plants, EQuota optimizes energy usage and helps with the shift to renewable energy sources. This is the equivalent of saving the energy use of half a million homes over a year. These accomplishments translate into a reduction of particulate matter and ultimately to fewer illnesses and deaths from pollution. The go-to for answers to all questions relating to the application procedure, application form, eligibility criteria, and so much more.

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Laureate East Asia. Affordable and clean energy. Sustainable cities and communities. EQuota is an energy optimization company that combines artificial intelligence and big data to deliver energy efficiency solutions. When I had my first child, I felt a responsibility to create a low-carbon future that preserves our earth. I truly believe that by using AI and big data we can improve energy systems for the next generation.

Just like an individual can monitor daily exercise with a fitness tracker,we want to create a tool for large factories to track and optimize their energy consumption. Press Photos, videos and press releases of past and present editions.

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FAQ The go-to for answers to all questions relating to the application procedure, application form, eligibility criteria, and so much more. Subscribe to our newsletter.

Lookin for a woman fellow Charlotte

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