Looking for more lgbt friends

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Recent search terms transgender zeke survivor glaad awards trump ability project spirit day. Be open-minded. Be willing to talk. Be inclusive and invite LGBT friends to hang out with your friends and family. Don't assume that all your friends and co-workers are straight.

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Someone close to you could be looking for support in their coming-out process. Not making assumptions will give them the space they need. Anti-LGBT comments and jokes are harmful. Let your friends, family and co-workers know that you find them offensive.

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Confront your own prejudices and bias, even if it is uncomfortable to do so. Defend your LGBT friends against discrimination. Believe that all people, regardless of gender identity and sexual orientation, should be treated with dignity and respect. If you see LGBT people being misrepresented in the media, at glaad. Share this .

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Kay Jewelers. Kay Jewelers celebrates Pride with EveryKiss campaign.

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Two out military veterans make history at Senate Armed Services confirmation hearing. Charles M. Blow talks about bi visibility and the debt we owe our queer ancestors.

Looking for more lgbt friends

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