Need a friend cant sleep

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We spend around a third of our lives doing it. Bats are the longest sleepers on record, getting a whopping 20 hours each night. Jealous much? Getting forty winks makes us feel refreshed and ready to face the day ahead. The ? Not good.

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Symptoms can include grumpiness, grogginess and a higher chance of falling asleep at your school desk. Not getting good sleep sucks and can affect every part of your life: your mood, your ability to concentrate, your performance at school and even relationships with your friends.

Here are some things you should try:. Meditate — find out how. Finish on a happy ending… reaching the big O releases hormones that can help you sleep. Practice mindfulness — find out how. Schedule a specific time in your day to think about all the things that worry you.

Practise mindful breathing — find out how. Got any tips of your own? Let us know in our Community. Especially in the evening. Be warned, caffeine comes in many forms including the obvious; yes coffee and tea but also other treats like chocolate and soft drinks. Peppermint tea is really refreshing and has minimal caffeine. Stress is the biggest enemy of good quality sleep. Try putting pen to paper and writing about whatever it is on your mind. If you have difficult decisions to make, use this as an opportunity to come up Need a friend cant sleep some potential solutions.

You could also give Stress Reprogramming a try. Try doing your work or studying in another room. Keep activities like eating and watching TV to a minimum this does not include breakfast in bed. It might sound obvious but bright lights do keep you up, our bodies are biologically sensitive to natural daylight, this is called a circadian rhythm.

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Our biological rhythm is thrown off with artificial bright lighting, suppressing the melatonin. Try and keep things dark at night by lighting some candles or putting a lamp on as you are getting ready to sleep. Blue light wakes you up. Using your phone, laptop and watching TV will all divert you from the ultimate goal of your restful slumber.

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If you really have to, try turning down the brightness of your screen Need a friend cant sleep switching on a nightmode filter, this will help get your melatonin in check. Make sure you are comfortable before you go to sleep. Although our ideas on comfort might differ, nothing beats the smell of fresh bed sheets and the classic comfy PJs you got last Christmas as you drift off into dreamland. Some of you might enjoy the calming sounds of ocean waves, or rainfall to get you feeling all cosy there are lo of apps for this. For those of you who are more daring, try a few drops of lavender oil on your pillow to help you chill out.

Try reading that book you lost interest in, it could even be time to tackle some Shakespeare just remember how you felt back in class. Trust us. After all, it is your body. Go for a run or something an hour or so before bedtime and see if that makes a difference. Try to avoid upbeat music before bed. Sleep problems are actually quite common and often linked with stress but following our top tips will hopefully give you a much-needed gentle push in the right direction. Breathe deeply and relax every muscle in your body. Make sure you are in a dark and quiet room. If you need to, listen to music that relaxes you Spotify has some great playlists for this or use an app such as Calm to listen to ambient noises.

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Read a boring book 2. Read a good book 3. Meditate — find out how 4. Experiment with your evening routine until you find one that works for you 5. Listen to relaxing music 6. Avoid screens at all costs!!! Have a light snack but nothing too sugary or heavy 9. Have a cup of Camomile tea Get out of bed and sit somewhere else in the house for a while Do some light exercise a couple of hours before bed Change your diet Do a crossword puzzle Finish on a happy ending… reaching the big O releases hormones that can help you sleep Try a mindful colouring book Try a brain teaser puzzle Write down all the things you need to do tomorrow Practice mindfulness — find out how Go outside for some fresh air How do you fall asleep in 5 minutes?

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Need a friend cant sleep

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19 Things to Try When You Can’t Sleep (Better Than Staring at the Clock)