Woman who perfer 8 inches.

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While most believe 'the bigger, the better,' one survey reportedly says eight inches is the optimal size. For years people have been debating the perfect size of a penis for women to reach their climax.

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A penis dating site called BIG One Dating conducted a survey with 4, women across their dating network. The participants included women who were using the site for general, casual, or more niche dating, so the company could get a good representation and wide range of the result they were after.

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The women were asked a bunch of questions, based on their answers a correlation table was constructed and the optimal size of the penis was found. In the course of the studyparticipants were asked about their most recent sexual encounter, including the length of their partner's penis and whether the penetration made them orgasm or not.

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These are averages and there will always be exceptions. Per thea drop in the percentage of women who orgasmed was noticed when they had intercourse with anyone whose penis was any longer than 8 inches. But it was the same rate of success that men with a 4-inch penis had.

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The one which was the closer second after 8, was 9 inches with a percentage of Take a look at the table below to see the of their findings. Thus, the study suggested that having a "bigger" penis was not the key. Rather, it was a man's technique during sex which played the fundamental role in making a woman orgasm.

Our survey suggests the 8-inch guy has the easiest task but whatever your size you still have the potential to satisfy your partner," said the study. It further revealed how the width of a man's penis is a contributing factor. Vonnessy July 2, It's not about the size it's about the performance hahahaha char — Roanne roanne July 2, Share on Facebook.

Woman who perfer 8 inches.

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What Penis Size Do Women Prefer?